Alexandra Oxenoid
Strategy Builder     Creative Director    Lecturer 

I'm passionate about improving and enhancing people's lives around the world through Brand Communication Strategy and Positive User Experiences

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I collaborate with talented people worldwide
I work with:

Illustrators / copy writers / photographers / developers / designers / community managers...


Strategy, Branding, UX Design

The first Ai personalized immigration platform enabling users to check their eligibility for a VISA with an innovative search engine that connects them to the relevant countries.

Guy Shomron

Made in 2021

ME pro

Strategy, UX & Product Design

ME pro is customizable invoice and accounting software in the cloud for small business.

Maria Zaikina

Made in 2018


User Experience Design

BetterBill offers a patented technology that analyzes users’ mobile phone usage in order to automatically find the right plan for them. The company’s accurate, scalable, and secure billing optimization platform analyzes a user’s actual mobile usage and within seconds provides them with the optimal contract available.

Made in 2015